Think "out of the box" when planning a special evening with the one you love. Instead of a traditional night of going out to dinner and seeing a movie, consider these uniquely romantic ways to spend the night with your loved one:

  • Attend a cooking class (demonstration or hands-on class)
  • Schedule a dance lesson
  • See an improv show
  • Take a brewery tour
  • Plan a picnic with fruits, wine and cheeses in front of the fireplace
  • See a show at a drive-in theater
  • Plan an evening at home playing childhood games (a favorite card game, Battleship, etc.)
  • Download The Night Sky app, lay a blanket outside and stargaze
  • Restaurant/bar hop (apps here, drinks there, dinner here, dessert there...)
  • Got to a concert
  • Couples massage/spa night
  • Backyard camping
  • Take a long walk (really long)
  • Whatever the occasion, consider spontaneity


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