The idea for NightAsWell was born when founder, Dan Mauzy, was leaving an extended family Father’s Day party in late afternoon to spend the evening with his wife, Katherine, and his two children. As he was leaving, his loved ones called out, “Happy Father's Day!” Mauzy looked at the setting sun and called back, “I get one day a year, how about wishing me a Happy Father's Night?!”

Dan’s response brought immediate smiles, laughter and a random whistle or two from the partiers.  On the ride home, Dan and Katherine discussed how there weren’t a lot of options for greeting cards or gift packages that highlighted the most special part of any holiday or occasion – the night.

Dan and Katherine knew they had an original concept that was worth pursuing when they noted how most holidays and special occasions are celebrated at night, when the candles burn brightest, and with all of the emotions inherent in moonlight, starlight, firelight and fireworks. NightAsWell cards and gifts address such occasions with creativity and flair, and provide shoppers a one-stop site to purchase uniquely romantic gifts for the one they love.

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